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This weekend was so much better then the last. The weather was beautiful, the track was looking great, and I was ready to go out and win. Well, long story short, I ended up winning a 3rd place trophy! Read on and find out how I did it.

Basic tune:
Timing set at 14 degrees
Shift points at 5000 rpms
Water temperature approximately 180 degrees
17 psi Air pressure in rear tires
10 psi in air bag

Time Trial Number 1
Lane: right
Reaction time: .559
60 ft: 1.984
330 ft: 5.773
660 ft: 8.933
660 ft mph: 77.40 mph
1000 ft: 11.689
1/4 mile: 14.02
1/4 mile mph: 96.27 mph
Time Trial Number 2
Lane: left
Reaction time: .564
60 ft: 2.007
330 ft: 5.811
660 ft: 8.976
660 ft mph: 77.39 mph
1000 ft: 11.737
1/4 mile: 14.082
1/4 mile mph: 95.97

Well you should notice that my reaction times are much better then they were at the last race. The hesitation that was plaguing me then has disappeared. I'm still not toatally for sure what exactly was causing it but im glad its gone.

On the first round of eliminations I was lined up againt a little 1980 4 cylinder Mustang that was dialed in at a 18.71. I knew I would have almost a 5 second wait before I could launch so I didn't want to take any chances at red lighting. It seems that if I can get past the first round without red lighting I usually don't do to bad. I intentionally waited on the tree to make sure the light would be green, then all I would have to do is hope the other guy was way off his dial. Check it out:

1st Round
Dial in: 14.03
Lane: left
Reaction time: .699
60 ft: 2.016
330 ft: 5.840
660 ft: 9.015
660 ft mph: 77.28 mph
1000 ft: 11.772
1/4 mile: 14.114
1/4 mile mph: 95.93
My Opponent
opponents dial in: 18.71
opponents lane: right obviously
opponents RT: .539
opponents 60 ft: 2.898
opponents 330 ft: 8.102
opponents 1/8 mile ET: 12.282
opponents 1/8 mile mph: 59.16 mph
opponents 1000 ft: 15.858
opponents 1/4 ET: 19.001
opponents 1/4 mph: 65.93 mph

This run is pretty self explanitory. I won because I was closer to my dial then he was. He had a very good reaction time, but since I waited on the tree I didn't catch up to him as quick as he thought I would, it looks like he freaked thinking he was going to break out, and hit his brakes at the very end. The margin of victory was 0.047, what this means is that if he would have ran a 18.954 or faster, he would have won. Pretty close huh?

Second round was a lot more relaxed, I wasn't as nervous. I had already gotten past the hardest part so I knew the rest would be fun. The guy I had to race is one of the better drivers in the class, but I didn't let that bother me.

2nd Round
Dial in: 14.08
Lane: left
Reaction time: .520
60 ft: 1.988
330 ft: 5.797
660 ft: 8.963
660 ft mph: 77.46 mph
1000 ft: 11.716
1/4 mile: 14.052
1/4 mile mph: 96.34
My Opponent
opponents dial in: 13.69
opponents lane: right obviously
opponents RT: .585
opponents 60 ft: 2.175
opponents 330 ft: 6.018
opponents 1/8 mile ET: 8.970
opponents 1/8 mile mph: 83.59 mph
opponents 1000 ft: 11.509
opponents 1/4 ET: 13.656
opponents 1/4 mph: 104.98 mph

You want to talk about a close race!! 0.006 of a second!! WOW! I won because I broke out less. What this means is both cars went faster then their dial-in but I won because I was closer to my dial.

Round 3 was the semi-final round. 4 cars left in competition. I got paired up against the number one points leader. I wasnt worried about this at all. I knew that he waits until his opponet writes their dial on the window before he puts his up, so I waited until the very last second. I could see he was getting a little nervous about it. Finally he just wrote his dial and then I got out and wrote mine. Heres what happened after that:

3rd Round
Dial in: 14.05
Lane: left
Reaction time: .442
60 ft: 1.987
330 ft: 5.783
660 ft: 8.945
660 ft mph: 77.43 mph
1000 ft: 11.702
1/4 mile: 14.044
1/4 mile mph: 96.10
My Opponent
opponents dial in: 13.13
opponents lane: right obviously
opponents RT: .525
opponents 60 ft: 1.880
opponents 330 ft: 5.420
opponents 1/8 mile ET: 8.424
opponents 1/8 mile mph: 81.81 mph
opponents 1000 ft: 11.006
opponents 1/4 ET: 13.289
opponents 1/4 mph: 94.72 mph

Well I blew this round before it even started. When I pulled up and lit the staged bulb I stalled the motor up to 1200 rpm as I usually do, but the brakes didn't hold the car and it rolled a little in the beams. I felt it roll and I knew that it was possible that it might cause a problem. But I didn't want to take a chance by changing my launch so I just left as I aleays do when the 3rd bulb first flashes on. Well the car must have rolled more then I thought because I red lighted. Big time also- 0.442! Oh well, can't win them all I guess.

Well I went back to the pits to get all my stuff and get loaded up to go home. One of my friends was still racing so I figured that I'd stay awhile and see how he did. Well about 15 minutes later they announced that they needed both cars that had lost in the semi-finals to return for a run off for third and fourth place. Well lets just say I was very happy to get another run in. Check it out:

Run Off Round
Dial in: 14.02
Lane: right
Reaction time: .607
60 ft: 2.033
330 ft: 5.865
660 ft: 9.039
660 ft mph: 77.30 mph
1000 ft: 11.809
1/4 mile: 14.530
1/4 mile mph: 76.32
My Opponent
opponents dial in: 13.48
opponents lane: left obviously
opponents RT: .602
opponents 60 ft: 1.873
opponents 330 ft: 5.651
opponents 1/8 mile ET: 9.041
opponents 1/8 mile mph: 64.72 mph
opponents 1000 ft: 12.826
opponents 1/4 ET: 16.685
opponents 1/4 mph: 54.77 mph

It was getting dark when they finally let us race. And if you didn't know, when it gets dark your eyes react faster to light. Knowing this I did't want to take any chances with red lighting. Well after the launch I was a ways out on him and I kept looking back to see if he was coming up, and it didn't look like he was moving very fast, so I let off and coasted to the win! Check out the picture to see what I got for my trouble:

3rd place

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