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Well the weekend started off on Friday kind of crappy. It rained quite a bit and it was pretty much a wasted day at the track. My car began having this strange hesitation. Every time I would try to launch the car, it would hesitate just like a carburated car. Well lets just say this is not what you want when you are trying to cut a good light! I still don't know whats causing it, the weather maybe?

Saturday started out a little better (no rain) but it was too cold! And yes the hesitation is still present. There is a new format now. It used to be 3 time trials on Saturday, and then 1 more Sunday and then eliminations. Now they just have 2 time trials on Saturday morning and then the eliminations in the afternoon.

As a general rule during a bracket race I try to be as conservative as possible with tuning and shift points. no reason to go out and hurt the motor trying to go fast when you can still win by shifting early. I often slow the car down to be more consistant. It might not be fun but...

Basic tune:
Timing set at 12 degrees
Shift points at 5000 rpms
Water temperature approximately 180 degrees
15 psi Air pressure in rear tires
20 psi in air bag

Time Trial Number 1
Lane: left
Reaction time: .685
60 ft: 1.972
330 ft: 5.745
660 ft: 8.883
660 ft mph: 78.03 mph
1000 ft: 11.612
1/4 mile: 13.92
1/4 mile mph: 97.38 mph
Time Trial Number 2
Lane: right
Reaction time: .830
60 ft: 2.034
330 ft: 5.826
660 ft: 8.979
660 ft mph: 77.69 mph
1000 ft: 11.725
1/4 mile: 14.059
1/4 mile mph: 96.38

Ok on both of these passes you will notice that the reaction time is quite slow. I believe this is do to the hesitation that was occuring. Also note that the slow 60 ft times were because of the 11" convertor that is in the car (anybody want to donate to my convertor fund? I only need $695! Anyone?) The tires seemed to hook pretty good on both passes. I can't stop wondering what the car would run if I could get it to 60 ft in the 1.75-1.85 range. I'm guessing 13.50s maybe?

Ok on the first eliminations round I tried to get as far back in line as I could, I don't like going first. I got paired up with this big ugly (I think it was a Chevy) truck. It had open headers and was on radials!(HAHAHAHA) I guess I shouldn't laugh because he did beat me. Oops. Oh well check it out:

1st Round
Dial in: 13.99
Lane: right
Reaction time: .433
60 ft: 1.998
330 ft: 5.811
660 ft: 8.988
660 ft mph: 77.08 mph
1000 ft: 11.759
1/4 mile: 14.113
1/4 mile mph: 95.62
My Opponent
opponents dial in: 15.86
opponents lane: left obviously
opponents RT: .783
opponents 60 ft: 2.435
opponents 330 ft: 6.749
opponents 1/8 mile ET: 10.194
opponents 1/8 mile mph: 70.78 mph
opponents 1000 ft: 13.246
opponents 1/4 ET: 15.866 D'ooohhh!
opponents 1/4 mph: 85.69 mph

Ok as you can see I lost because of the 0.433 red-light. Its kind of weird because the stupid hesitation that had been giving me .600+ reaction times decided to disappear for the 1st round of eliminations. It figures huh? Well you will also notice that my opponent ran right on his dial in, but if you look more closer you will notice that he cut a 0.783 light. What this means is that with me being only 0.12 off of my dial in, I had 0.163 leeway in my reaction time. So basically if I would of cut any light between a 0.500 and a 0.663, I would have won!

Oh well, as it stands right now, I have 100 points. Maybe by next race I can figure out what that hesitation is. The next race is April 18th so check back after that for the latest updates.

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