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How to Bracket Race an EFI 5.0 Mustang And WIN!

This Page will document my very unserious attempt at becoming the number 1 points champion in the Trophy Class for the 1998 racing season at Heartland Park in Topeka KS. I say unserious because I'm not one of those types of guys that makes every little change you could imagine on their car to make sure it is absolutely perfect. I plan on showing that the average person can take their car to the track and win in bracket racing. I plan on having a detailed analysis of each and every run ( yeah right!) youll be lucky if I print my ETs HA! No Im just kidding. I do plan on printing each run and trying to figure out what I did right or wrong on each one.

So you ask "why the trophy class?". Well I'll tell you why. Because it's only $20 to enter. You ask "but you'll only win a trophy?". Well I have one of those trophies, that I won last year, and must say it is very nice. Ok you wonder "trophy class? Thats must be easy right?" I say, last years trophy class points leader went to a divisional final and did better then any other person from the track in any class. How is that for competition? And anyways if I wanted to run for money I would have to take it too seriously. And I have found that when you start taking racing too seriously all the fun disappears. And the main reason I like to race is because ITS FUN!!!!.

The racing season starts real soon and I will begin expanding this page. I will include pics from the track and any and all highlights from each event. So keep checking back for the latest updates.

My Weapon Of Choice

This is my 1990 Mustang LX Coupe 5.0
my stang Here is a quick listing of important features
  • 302 HO EFI
  • C4 automatic
  • 8.8" rear end with 3.73 gears
  • 3225lbs with driver
  • will be driven to the track and raced on
    Mickey Thompson ET STREET tires
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