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Oh man did this weekend suck! The weather was just plain horrible! The average temperature was 95 degrees with a barometer reading of 29.0, it usually reads about 29.9-30.2 on an average day. Also to add insult to injury there was a 25+mph head wind. These crippling weather conditions made my car perform approxiamately 5/10s slower then what it usually runs. Read on to see how it went.

Basic tune:
Timing set at 14 degrees
Shift points at 5000 rpms
Water temperature approximately 180 degrees
16 psi Air pressure in rear tires
10 psi in air bag

Time Trial Number 1
Lane: left
Reaction time: .657
60 ft: 2.027
330 ft: 5.914
660 ft: 9.163
660 ft mph: 75.25 mph
1000 ft: 12.003
1/4 mile: 14.417
1/4 mile mph: 93.22 mph
Time Trial Number 2
Lane: right
Reaction time: .535
60 ft: 2.024
330 ft: 5.915
660 ft: 9.168
660 ft mph: 75.33 mph
1000 ft: 12.006
1/4 mile: 14.421
1/4 mile mph: 93.11 mph

These 2 time trial runs were both pretty close. I was pretty surprised about this especially with the headwind. You could feel the car nosing over on the top end.

First round of eliminations began at about 4:00, so after being at the track for 7 hours standing in the hot sun I was a little ready to just go home. When they called us down I hurried up as fast as I could and went down to the staging lanes. I pulled up to the head of the line and guess who I got paired up to race. The number one points leader. Guess maybe I should at least try. Oh well check it out:

1st Round
Dial in: 14.41
Lane: left
Reaction time: .602
60 ft: 2.026
330 ft: 5.905
660 ft: 9.141
660 ft mph: 75.63 mph
1000 ft: 11.971
1/4 mile: 14.389
1/4 mile mph: 91.64
My Opponent
opponents dial in: 13.13
opponents lane: right obviously
opponents RT: .656
opponents 60 ft: 1.883
opponents 330 ft: 5.494
opponents 1/8 mile ET: 8.462
opponents 1/8 mile mph: 82.72 mph
opponents 1000 ft: 11.041
opponents 1/4 ET: 13.229
opponents 1/4 mph: 103.04 mph

Well I lost because I broke out by 0.03 At the end of the track I kept looking back to see if he was coming up on me, it looked like he was gaining so I decided to wait until the last second before hitting the brakes. Well I simply waited to long. 0.03, thats not much, but its enough to lose. My therory is that the wind died down a little bit on that run so the car picked up. Oh well better luck next time.

As it stood right before this race I was in 4th place in the points standings. 2 people that were ahead of me did not show up, so at least I will still be hanging with them. The next race will be June 20th, so check back then for the latest.

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